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Bio Leaf HortiChar

Introducing our versatile new product HortiChar – a must-have for plant and terrarium enthusiasts, being a premium charcoal, finely ground (dust-4mm) or coarse (5-8mm) charcoal that is beneficial and caters to the diverse needs of indoor gardening, and terrarium setups. HortiChar is made from natural hardwood tree branches that have been heated in a low oxygen environment to create what is called biochar. With this process the carbon does not escape like in natural bushfires, but is captured and bound within the charcoal itself, giving HortiChar its many benefits and wonderful characteristics.

HortiChar is very porous, and fine-grained which serves as a perfect home for beneficial microorganisms, these are beneficial to the overall health of your soil and plants and because of this porosity, it also increases aeration in your substrate mix while also retaining valuable moisture.

HortiChar is tailor-made for houseplants. It promotes healthy root development, aids in moisture retention, improves nutrient availability and stability. Watch your indoor greenery flourish with the support of our premium hardwood charcoal.

Use in your terrarium and enhance the experience by creating a thriving miniature ecosystem with the help of HortiChar. Its size is ideal for terrariums, providing the necessary structure for soil and aiding in moisture regulation. Enhance the beauty of your enclosed garden with this essential component.

Recommended Usage:

  • HortiChar Fine: adding up to 5% of your total volume
  • HortiChar Coarse: adding between 10-20% of your total volume

If you are applying directly to the top of your potting substrates, we recommend that you incorporate (scratch) it in to the top layer of your mix as best as possible; otherwise you will notice that when watering the HortiChar will float. The benefit to mixing HortiChar in brings the HortiChar into contact with all those beneficial microbes which is when the magic happens!

Other Benefits of HortiChar

HortiChar Benefits: A sustainable and renewable eco-friendly solution for improving soil stability and fertility. When incorporated into your mixes, it enhances nutrient retention, promotes microbial activity, and aids in carbon sequestration. Contribute to a healthier planet while nurturing your plants. 

It also:

  • Sweetens the potting mix.
  • Absorbs Salt & Toxins. Salt build up lowers PH, and low PH levels contribute to roots burning and dying off which can lead to your plant babies not surviving. Dead roots invite nasty bacteria which lowers PH even more and we do not want that.
  • Minimises harmful bacteria by binding Ammonium and Nitrogen.
  • Improves plant stability as roots have something to cling onto. 
  • Long lasting and takes many years to break down.

Natural Filter for Cleaner Environments: The carbon properties of HortiChar act as a natural filter, purifying the soil and creating a cleaner environment. Say goodbye to impurities and toxins in your gardening projects.

Versatility in Application: Whether you're cultivating houseplants, building a terrarium, or enriching your soil, HortiChar, is your all-in-one solution. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset for a range of indoor gardening endeavours.

Pack size - 500mls, and 1 litre