Bio Leaf Premium Potting Mix

We manufacture a premium range of potting mixes for aroids, house plants, hoya and orchids. They are blended from Kiwi Orchid Bark, Fernwood Tree Fern Fibre, Hardwood Charcoal, and Pumice.

Many of our customers report that there plants have never grown as well as they do in our Aroid Mix. 

We also supply Kiwi Orchid Bark and Fernwood Tree Fern Fibre.

I personally make and blend every batch to ensure that it meets our quality standards. (Peta)

Bio Leaf HortiChar

From$10.99 NZDincl GST

Bi Leaf Starter Mix. Image of left does not need water (dark colour). Image on the right needs water (light colour)

Bio Leaf Starter Mix

From$12.00 NZDincl GST

Tips for repotting your pot plants.

Before you repot your pot plant

Our potting mixes are blended from ingredients varying in size. The smaller particles tend to settle at the bottom of the bag. Before you use the potting mix, mix the ingredients well. If the mix is very dry, add some water to help the mixing process.

Do this to reduce transplant shock.

We recommend that you soak your plant for 30 minutes with our Transplant Nutrient Solution. You will find the recipe to make up the Transplant Nutrient Solution at the bottom of this page.

Combining these products will feed and stimulate your plant to grow roots and speed up the process of recovering from transplant shock.

Soaking also softens the potting mix and roots. This will lessen the damage to the roots when you gently remove the old potting mix.

What is transplant shock?

Transplant shock occurs when the root system of a newly transplanted plant can't supply enough water and nutrients to the plant to keep it growing – be gentle when working with roots.

What to do after repotting your pot plant

After repotting, pour the remaining 'Transplant Nutrient Solution' through the potting mix. Keep your plant in a warm, shaded area for a week or two, then move it to its growing area.

Feed weekly with the Transplant Solution for 4 to 6 weeks

Your pot plant will benefit from a weekly feed of the Transplant Nutrient Solution. The nutrients and growth stimulants will help it to get growing again.

Boost root growth once a month

Plants that do not have a healthy, well-developed root system will undergo stress. We recommend boosting root growth once a month using the Transplant Nutrient Solution.

Our preferred Transplant Nutrient Solution recipe

Mix the following per 1.5 litres of water:

  • Foliage Pro – 1 ml
  • Dyna Gro Pro-TeKt – 1 ml
  • Dyna Gro KLN Rooting Concentrate – 1 ml
  • Ocean Organics Seaweed Soil Concentrate – 4 ml

PS: One of my customers uses this recipe on his variegated plants and reports good thick root development.

PPS: This recipe will provide 17 of the 20 essential nutrients plants require for optimal health and growth. Adding seaweed adds a whole lot of beneficial nutrients and compounds.