Why are Dyna-Gro nutrients considered to be the only complete liquid plant nutrient in the market?



The concept behind Dyna-Gro is simple.

They formulate a highly concentrated liquid which contains all 16 essential elements required for optimal plant growth and health in one liquid solution which includes calcium. Other products are not able to offer calcium in their formulations due to the fact that calcium will combine into insoluble forms which render the calcium unavailable to plants.

Most formulations also omit magnesium and sulphur. Dyna-Gro formulates complete nutrient solutions in a variety of N-P-K ratios that can be used at the different stages of a plants growth life cycle.  

Invariably, they also omit many trace elements, commonly: nickel, cobalt, chlorine and sodium. Calcium plays an important part in cell health and structure and is considered an immobile element. This means once a cell is deficient in calcium it cannot be replenished.

Good growing practice is to constantly supply all 16 essential nutrients including calcium, to your plants. This can be achieved by applying a Dyna-Gro Nutrients Solution every time you water your plants./articles

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