Dyna-Gro Weekly or Daily Application

Recently, one of my customers emailed me a question and asked, “I want to know if you give plants the set amount of Dyna-Gro Bloom once a week or every day?” 

My response to the question was that Dyna-Gro recommends that you use Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom every time you water your plants at the recommended application rate.


Let me explain!

All plants require the same mineral nutrients to support growth, however, the quantity, dilution rate and timing of nutrient uptake may vary. Some of the factors that can affect nutrient uptake are the type of plant, the climate, the growing period, the growing medium, your plant management practice, etc.

Depending on your growing environment, a rule of thumb you can use as a guideline is, if a plant is growing vigorously use the higher recommended application rate and if they are not, use the lower recommended application rate.

What is important is that you feed your plants regularly with all the essential nutrients required to support growth and maintain plant health. I grow orchids and have many other pot plants and have noticed that the plants respond best to using Dyna-Gro with every water application.  At this time of the year when we are in a colder time of our four seasons (autumn/winter), most plant growth rates slow down and hence a plant's response to using Dyna-Gro won’t be as dramatic as when plants are growing vigorously as is the case during warmer seasons.

I use all Dyna-Gro Nutrient Solutions at a dilution rate of 1: 1 500 all year round. In summer I water my plants every day and in mid-winter every three to five days.

I have detailed below some application guidelines from our website, which should help you make an informed decision as to what is best for your plants. Please see this page: /liquid-plant-food/bloom-liquid-plant-food


For Indoor Plants:

Mix at a dilution rate of 1 : 3 000 (3.3 ml Bloom to 10 litres of water) to 1 : 1 500 (6.7 ml Bloom to 10 litres of water) with every watering.


Outdoor Plants:

Mix at a dilution rate of 1 : 1 500 (6.7 ml Bloom to 10 litres of water) with every watering.


For monthly feeding:

Mix at a dilution rate of 1 : 750 (13.3 ml Bloom to 10 litres of water).

If this is the first time you are using Dyna-Gro on your plants, it is a good idea to use Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom at the recommended strongest dilution rate for the first few months. This will help correct any mineral deficiencies that may exist and boost your plants potential for better growth and then make an assessment as to whether you need to adjust the application rate to a lower dilution.

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