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Below is a selection of articles you may find interesting. The latest article will all ways be the first article listed and the rest will be listed alphabetically.

We believe that the better we understand our plants and what is required to keep them growing well and healthy, the more they will reward us. The purpose of these articles is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to be able to achieve this.

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  • The benefits of flushing your plants regularly
  • When is a fertiliser, not a fertiliser
  • How to feed your orchids using Dyna Gro
  • Tips for repotting plants into Bio Leaf Premium Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix
  • Improve Plant Growth and Health with Lemon Juice - Lemon Juice is a source of citric and malic acid which when used with your nutrient solution, benefits plants in many ways.
  • What do Orchids eat? Are tour orchids addicted to potassium?
  • How to use seaweed concentrate on plants
  • This Is The Orchid That Started It All - A story about the first orchid we bought in New Zealand.
  • Complete Plant Nutrition - a brief overview of Dyna-Gro Nutrient Solutions.
  • Hydroponic Nutrient Guide - an introduction to hydroponics using 4 Dyna-Gro products. No need for complicated recipes, measure, mix and grow.
  • Rose Fertiliser Programme - this page describes a programme we used to grow roses and we hardly had any disease or pest infestations.
  • Dyna-Gro weekly or daily application - how often do you apply a nutrient solution.
  • Exceptional Paphiopedilums - Selwyn Hatrick's experience with using Dyna Gro & tree fern fibre
  • The essential nutrients