NEW PRODUCT: Bio Leaf Variegated Leaf Potting Soil

About Us

Helping You Grow Plants, Better is our main focus.

We do this by selecting or developing quality products and make them available to plant growers throughout New Zealand.

In a previous life, we had a large collection of orchids and when we emigrated to New Zealand we vowed not to start growing orchids again. Famous last words ...

A few years back, in a moment of weakness,  we bought our first orchid in New Zealand.

After a few years of neglect, we decided we should perhaps do something about caring for our one and only plant. Our search for orchid fertiliser brought us in contact with Len the New Zealand agent for Dyna-Gro Plant Nutrients. Len mentioned that he was getting out of marketing fertiliser and suggested that I should pick it up. That conversation planted the seed that lead us to start Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients.

We select our products carefully and use or have used them, this enables us to understand how our products work and in turn, we are able to provide you with experience-based knowledge and advice.

We have a small collection of orchids and other plants that we grow for our pleasure.

Greg Barnes

Greg Barnes

Business Responsibilities: Marketing, product development and technology.

At heart, I am a farmer. During my late teenage years, I developed a love for the 'land ' so to speak. I grew up in a small country town called Kokstad, South Africa and finished my schooling at Weston Agricultural College.

On completion of my two-year compulsory military service at I Parachute Battalion (SADF), I naturally progressed into being a career farmer. My preference was to grow crops over animal husbandry and as such, I was involved in managing sugar cane farms, commercial forestry plantations, avocado orchards and I have worked in a commercial seedling nursery producing flower, vegetable and tree seedlings for commercial forestry.

From my schooling days, I developed an affinity for soil and plant science, which has carried through into my farming career and my hobbies.

I am a keen gardener and my wife says that I have a 'fetish'! I am always applying fertiliser to plants and evaluate how the plants respond to them. Being curious by nature I research and test many products and often share the findings with our community. It was during this process that I discovered Dyna-Gro Plant Nutrients and observed how well plants responded to its application.

Lyn Barnes

Lynette Barnes

Business Responsibilities: Administration, order management and dispatch.

I am the friendly person you meet on the other side of your email or phone call. 

I have always had a love for plants and anything that produces a flower. Besides orchids I love roses. Greg has the gift of being able to grow plants and I have the eye for picking out good quality flowers. 

My other interests include reading, scrapbooking, painting and making sure my family have a good hearty meal at the end of the day.

I am also Greg's grammar and spelling editor (LOL).