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Bio Pon is a verisatile premium soil alternative for all your potted plants needs.


Proudly NZ-made this all natural, fertiliser free, raw ingredient mix will be the new trend and quickly gain popularity among our plant community as an effective growing medium. 


Crafted from premium mineral stones, Pumice, Scoria and Red Zeolite, it ensures an even distribution of nutrients and significantly reduces the vulnerability of your plants to diseases and pests such as fungus gnats.


The structurally stable Bio Pon maintains its air-permeable structure over time, preventing compaction and ensuring consistent aeration and drainage, all while acting as a natural buffer, absorbing excess fertlisier and releasing it as needed.



  • NZ Made: Proudly made in New Zealand.
  • Soil Alternative: No soil needed.
  • Optimal Air/Water Ratio: Promotes the ideal air/water ratio for healthy plant growth.
  • Anti-Fungal and Pest Control: Prevents fungus growth and pest infestations like fungus gnats, making it allergy-friendly.
  • Fertiliser-Free: Continue with your normal fertilization routine.
  • Odour Control: Anti-odour properties.
  • 2 Grades: Fine, 1-6mm for propagation, young and delicate, finer roots and Med, 5-10mm for larger established plants.


Experience NZ Made Bio Leaf Bio Pon, the best for healthy, thriving plants.

Bio Leaf Bio Pon

Shipping will start from Thursday 13 June.

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