NEW PRODUCT: A systemic insecticide, registered to control aphids, whitefly, mites, thrips, scale, mealybugs, psyllids, spittlebugs and leafhoppers.

What do orchids eat? Are your orchids addicted to potassium

Feeding your orchids with excessive amounts of potassium may be impeding your orchids ability to absorb vital nutrients and in turn this may effect your orchids growth and health. Rick lockwood discusses his research and findings about changing you nutrient regime to a low potassium based nutrient solution.

A Cost-Effective Method To Sterilise Orchid Pots And Equipment.

If you have children then chances are that you are familiar with Milton Steriliser Tablets. What you may not know is that Milton tablets can be used to sterilise orchid pots and the equipment we use on orchids.

Orchid Root Growth after apply liquid seaweed concentrate

Orchid root development 4 weeks after applying a liquid seaweed concentrate.

How to use seaweed concentrate on orchids and pot plants

In this video, I share how to use seaweed concentrate on your orchids. The regular use of seaweed concentrate on orchids and pot plants has many benefits such as improved health, growth and vigour, development of a bigger and healthier root mass, improved flower colour and many other benefits.

Bio Leaf Orchid Fertilisers

Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients have introduced two new fertiliser products for the use on orchids, Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom 10-3-14 and Bio Leaf Orchid Grow 12-2-8. The fertilisers are available in New Zealand and Australia.

Dyna-Gro Australia

Order Dyna-Gro Nutrient Solutions available in Australia.

Why are Dyna-Gro nutrients considered to be the only complete liquid plant nutrient in the market?

Why are Dyna-Gro nutrients considered to be the only complete liquid plant nutrient in the market?

Hydroponic Nutrient Guide Update

I have added a page to my website to introduce you to using Dyna-Gro nutrients for hydroponics. On this page you will find information to get you started with using Dyna-Gro Nutrients solutions and a handy download load describing what nutrients to use for a 12 week cycle. The download shows the product applications for both the vegetative (growth) and flowering (production) cycles.

Rose Fertiliser Programme using Dyna-Gro Nutrients Solution Update

This page has a few tips and pointers you can use to develop your own rose fertiliser programme using Dyna-Gro Nutrient Solutions and boost the size, colour and the number of flowers on your rose bushes.

Kiwi Orchid Bark from Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients, Auckland, New Zealand

Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients Ltd distribute Kiwi Orchid Bark in Auckland and surrounding areas. Produced by Taranaki Bark Products Ltd.