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Unleash the natural benefits of pumice, an entirely natural volcanic rock, locally sourced and ready to use. 


Why Choose Pumice?

Pumice keeps its shape even when soaked in water, ensuring your soil mix remains loose and prevents compaction. This means better aeration and improved drainage for any soil or soilless mix, helping water move through efficiently. By preventing waterlogging, pumice reduces the risk of root rot, ensuring your plants stay healthy and thriving.

Despite being a type of rock, pumice is naturally porous and can hold water, releasing it slowly and steadily to the roots. It holds water roughly twice as long as bark, providing a steady moisture supply without drowning your plants.


Advantages Over Other Substrates

Pumice is heavier than other substrates like perlite, meaning it won't float to the surface or wash away during watering. This ensures a consistent soil structure, preventing the unsightly white layer that perlite often leaves behind. Unlike vermiculite, pumice doesn't retain as much water, making it ideal for water-sensitive plants. Plus, it won't decompose over time, maintaining its effectiveness season after season.


How Much Pumice Should You Use?

Pumice is a versatile soil amendment that can be tailored to your plant's needs:

  • Indoor Plants: Add as little as 10% pumice to your soil mix to see noticeable improvements in drainage and aeration.
  • Succulents: A mix of up to 50% pumice and 50% potting mix/soil for these drought-tolerant plants.
  • Cacti: Increase the ratio to around 60% pumice and 40% potting mix/soil.
  • Cuttings: For plants prone to rotting, start them off in 100% pumice for a healthier root development.


Remember to fertilise, as pumice doesn't provide all the essential nutrients plants need. You can choose to inoculate your pumice with nutrients, much the same as you would with Horticultural Charcoal, before use. 


Our pumice is naturally sourced and hand sieved to graded sizes ensuring your plants get the best care possible.


  • Sand: Dust/Fines - 2mm
  • Fine: 1mm - 5mm
  • Medium: 4mm - 10mm
  • Coarse: 10mm - 20mm


Experience the difference natural, high-quality pumice can make for your plants!



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