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Peat is a unique and valuable material formed from decomposed plant matter in water-saturated bogs, where anaerobic conditions prevent full decomposition. 


Peat decomposes very slowly over several years, lasting longer than most other materials, making it an excellent choice and precious resource for our horticulture industry.


Environmental bodies are monitoring and limiting the way and amounts in which peat bogs are havested each year, with restoration initiatives put in place to replenish these ecosystems for future generations.


Benefits of Fibrous Peat 

Peat is a premium choice for horticultural enthusiasts, offering a range of benefits for various indoor and outdoor gardening applications:

  • Superior Water and Nutrient Distribution: The coarse and fibrous nature of peat allows for even distribution of water and nutrients, ensuring your plants receive consistent and optimal care. This balanced water retention and aeration promote healthy root development and robust plant growth.
  • Ideal for Soilless Potting Mixes: Peat's unique properties make it an excellent base for soilless potting mixes like our range of Bio Leaf Potting Mixes. 
  • Versatile Growing Medium: Whether for potted plants, seed starting, or large-scale horticultural projects, peat offers a homogeneous and predictable growing medium. This consistency ensures that your plants will flourish under similar conditions each growing season.
  • Clean and Safe: Harvested from remote areas, peat is naturally free from weeds, pests, and diseases, making peat a sterile and safe choice for plant cultivation.


Peat is widely used in professional horticulture for its consistent quality and performance, ensuring reliable results for growers.

By choosing our Peat, you're investing in a natural, sustainable, and high-quality growing medium that will enhance your growing success.


Fibrous Peat


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