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Bi Leaf K-Lite

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Bio Leaf K-Lite Orchid/Epiphyte Fertiliser (12-1-1-10Ca-3Mg)

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  • Bio Leaf K-Lite 12-1-1-10Ca-3Mg was developed to mimic the nutrient profile orchids are exposed to in their natural environment. 
  • It is a high-quality compounded formulation that contains all the macro- and micronutrients (trace elements), as well as calcium and magnesium, but with reduced levels of potassium and phosphorus.
  • Bio Leaf K-Lite 12-1-1 is a low potassium fertiliser that can be used for orchids, aroids and other epiphytic type plants.
  • Regular and consistent use will help reduce potassium levels in plants.
  • The reduced levels of potassium often result in improved uptake of calcium, magnesium and other nutrients.
  • The long term use of low potassium fertilisers has often shown less incidence of disease, improved plant growth and better flowering.




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