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Grosafe Organic Root-Gro

Grosafe Organic Root Gro - Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients

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$15.00 NZD incl GST
or 6 weekly payments of $2.50 NZD incl GST


Grosafe Organic Root-Gro® is an easy to use liquid that feeds beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhiza fungi that activate root function and revitalise and improve soil activity leading to enhanced uptake of nutrients and moisture. It can be applied individually or with any bio stimulants or herbicides.

The Benefits of Organic Root-Gro

Organic Root-Gro® is loaded with naturally produced plant hormones that are safe and effective at stimulating the beneficial mycorrhiza fungi in the soil that break down nutrients in the soil making the fertilizer you apply available to your plants.

  • Helps break down organic matter into humus
  • Enhances the collection of nutrients
  • Improves calcium availability and uptake
  • Stimulates the growth of feeder roots and microbes
  • Inhibits soil pathogens
  • Promotes balanced growth of roots and canopy 
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Increases growth rates resulting in heavier crop yields