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Grosafe GroVentive Insecticide

Grosafe Groventive Garden Insecticide

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$34.00 NZD incl GST
or 6 weekly payments of $5.67 NZD incl GST


A new generation two way systemic insecticide, safe to bees and most beneficial insects.

GroVentive Garden provides excellent control of sucking insects such as:
aphids, whitefly, mites, thrips, scale, mealybugs, psyllids, spittlebugs and leafhoppers.

GroVentive Garden is approved in New Zealand for use on roses, pot plants, hedging, flower species
and ornamentals.

Groventive Garden is not registered for use on crops grown for human or animal consumption.

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PS: Instead of using EnSpray as recommended in the video, think about replacing it with EcoSpread Super Spreader