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Grosafe BioPower Seaweed Flake, Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients

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Grosafe BioPower Seaweed Flake

Grosafe BioPower® Seaweed Flake is presented  as an easy to use flake that can be added to a watering can and watered directly onto plants or added to a knapsack when applying insecticides, fungicides or herbicides.

The Benefits of Use

Consistent use of BioPower® Seaweed Flake supplements a well balanced nutritional programme. Use BioPower® Seaweed Flake to:

  • Stimulates the growth of roots and overall plant vigour.
  • Increases the plants resistance to stress.
  • Increases bloom set, size of flowers and fruits.
  • Increases and stabilises chlorophyll in plants, resulting in darker leaf colour.



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