NEW PRODUCT: A systemic insecticide, registered to control aphids, whitefly, mites, thrips, scale, mealybugs, psyllids, spittlebugs and leafhoppers.
Dyna Gro Bonsai Pro 7-9-5, Auckland, New Zealand

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Dyna Gro Bonsai Pro 7-9-5

  • Dyna Gro Bonsai-Pro 7-9-5 is blended to provide all the known 16 essential nutrients to promote tree growth and health for all bonsai trees. 
  • Low in soluble salts and urea free so you can use it without worrying about root burn and salt build-up. 
  • Economical - a little goes a long way.
  • Easy to use super concentrate.



$26.50 NZD incl GST
or 6 weekly payments of $4.42 NZD incl GST