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Bio Leaf Variegated Leaf Potting Mix

Bio Leaf Variegated Leaf Mix

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Bio Leaf Variegated Leaf MixBio Leaf Variegated Leaf Mix, Coarse GradeBio Leaf Variegated Plant Mix, Coarse Grade

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Bio Leaf Variegated Leaf Potting Mix is a biologically active, free-draining substrate that has been designed to meet the moisture requirements of variegated plants, i.e. a substrate that holds less moisture. Excessive moisture in the root ball of some variegated plants can be a factor to cause root rot.

Bio Leaf Variegated Leaf Potting mix has been blended using Kiwi Orchid Bark, Fernwood Tree Fern Fibre, pumice, charcoal, worm castings and a custom blend of 'bio-active' compounds that are know to encourage growth.. The nugget sizes vary from about 8mm to 20 mm, this is a coarse type mix.

Below are some of the properties of Bio Leaf Variegated Leaf Potting Mix:

  • Reduction in the effects of transplant shock: It contains an array of bioactive compounds to help plants reduce the effects of transplant shock.
  • Improved absorption of nutrients: Nutrients are bio-available for improved root uptake.
  • Quick and slow release of nutrients: We have prepared the nutrient package to present some nutrients to be available almost immediately and sustained release over a 3 to 4 month period. Results will vary.
  • Good Drainage/Aeration: The ingredients used create a non-clumping substrate and allow for the free movement of air and moisture throughout the root zone, which will help prevent root rot. This will also encourage more and thicker roots to develop.
  • Moisture: The mix will hold sufficient water without becoming waterlogged. A little water will be held in reserve and released to plants as needed. The gradual release of water improves plant growth.
  • Moisture Distribution: The moisture will be fairly evenly distributed throughout the pot, and this means that most of the root system will have access to moisture and nutrients. In turn, healthy roots will assist with developing stems, foliage, and flowers/fruit.
  • Promotes Microbial Populations: We have inoculated the mix with a propriety microbial blend to optimise root health and nutrient availability.
  • Less Salt Build Up: Using a quality fertiliser like Dyna Gro will result in hardly any salt build-up, resulting in a less likely hood of root tip burn.
  • Improve Root Health: Some of the ingredients used to create this mix have been observed to reduce root-related disease.