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Bio Leaf Premium Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix

Bio Leaf Premium Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix can be used to grow most Aroid, Hoya and other tropical house plants. It can be used as a general potting mix for most indoor plants, succulents and bonsai trees. Our observation is that most potted house plants grow well in it.

It will promote good foliage development, improve nutrient uptake, reduce transplant shock and encourage better root growth and health, plus many more benefits.

Bio Leaf Premium Aroid and Hoya have the perfect blend of orchid bark, tree fern fibre, pumice, powdered hardwood charcoal, a custom blend of 'bio-active' nutrients that are known to assist plants in overcoming transplant shock, encouraging growth and a proprietary blend of microbial inoculants to support root health and assist with nutrient absorption.

Physical Properties

Bio Leaf Premium Aroid and Hoya potting mix is a custom blend of orchid bark, tree fern fibre, pumice, crushed hardwood charcoal, and other propriety ingredients.
It is a free-draining mix designed to hold enough water to keep the mix moist without becoming waterlogged. 

The mix is fairly open, which allows for the movement of air through the potting mix. This is important because root cells need to absorb oxygen. It is possible for roots to "drown" if they are kept continuously wet and cannot absorb oxygen.

The watering frequency in summer is about every 2 to 4 days, and in winter, it is about 4 to 7 days or more.

Improved the organic nutrient matrix to help overcome the effects of transplant shock

We are constantly improving our organic nutrient matrix and send our mix to laboratories for testing every three months. We do this to track nutrient levels and other potting mix properties. This ensures that we are manufacturing a consistent, quality product.

The nutrient package is designed to help your plant overcome transplant stress and to stimulate growth. Some nutrients will be available almost immediately, while others will be released slowly. Please note although we have included a rich organic nutrient package, you still need to feed your plant with a good quality fertiliser like Dyna Gro.

We have added a form of silica that is four times more available than other forms of silica, such as those found in perlite, vermiculite, peat moss, coconut coir, etc.

Silica is not an essential element but a beneficial element. It is generally abundant in field soil and typically missing in potting mixes because the ingredients used generally do not have sufficient silica for plants.


Custom Blended from quality ingredients

We don't use cheaper, inferior ingredients in our potting mix. All the ingredients are carefully selected for the physical, chemical and biological properties they will impart to our potting mix, i.e. selected high-quality ingredients to create an optimal growing medium for your plants. Our mix includes:

  • Kiwi orchid bark.
  • Tree fern fibre.
  • Pumice.
  • Crushed hardwood charcoal.
  • Our proprietary blend of organic nutrients & growth-promoting compounds.

Enhancing Physical, Chemical, and Biological Properties: 4 Mixing Processes

To create the Bio Leaf Premium Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix, we employ a propriety four-step mixing process to enhance the mix's physical, chemical, and biological properties. This meticulous approach ensures that every bag of our potting mix delivers consistent quality and optimal performance.

Physical Properties: Our mixing process focuses on creating the ideal physical properties for a potting mix. This includes optimising water holding capacity, accommodating air for root health, and ensuring particle size homogeneity.

Chemical Properties: Selecting and blending organic nutrients and growth-promoting compounds are vital steps in our mixing process. This ensures the availability of essential elements for plants, supporting their overall growth, nutrient uptake, and resilience.

Biological Properties: Bio Leaf Premium Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix is enriched with a proprietary blend of beneficial fungi and bacteria. These microbial inoculants optimise root health, improve nutrient absorption, and contribute to the overall vitality of your plants. While you may occasionally notice mushrooms or fungal threads in your mix, rest assured that they are signs of healthy soil and the effectiveness of our biological inoculants.

Quality Control:

We place a strong emphasis on quality control throughout the mixing process. We send samples of our potting mix to laboratories several times a year, ensuring consistent nutrient levels and other important mix properties. Our commitment to quality guarantees that you receive a product that meets our high standards every time.

Below are some of the properties of our Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix

Bio Leaf Premium Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix offers a range of features and benefits that will transform the way your plants grow:

  • Reduction in the effects of transplant shock: Our potting mix contains an array of bioactive organic compounds that help plants overcome the stress of transplanting, helping to promote their recovery and rapid growth.
  • Improved absorption of nutrients: The carefully formulated organic nutrient package used in our mix increases the potential for applied nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently, thus enhancing overall plant health and vigour.
  • Quick and slow release of nutrients: We have designed our nutrient package to provide some nutrients almost immediately while others are released gradually over time, ensuring a sustained supply of essential elements for your plants.
  • Supply nutrients and biological compounds typically missing from fertilisers: Our organic nutrients package is not designed to replace normal fertiliser use. Rather, it supplies the nutrients and natural compounds missing from your fertiliser.
  • Good Drainage & Aeration: The unique blend of orchid bark, milled tree fern fibre, pumice, crushed hardwood charcoal, and other proprietary ingredients creates a non-clumping substrate that allows for excellent drainage and aeration. This helps to promote healthy and abundant root growth. It will also minimise the occurrence of root rot and root-related diseases.
  • Moisture control: Our potting mix has the ideal water retention and drainage balance, holding sufficient moisture to keep the potting mix moist without becoming waterlogged. It releases water gradually to the plants as needed, improving plant growth and reducing the risk of overwatering.
  • Moisture distribution: Moisture is distributed fairly evenly throughout the pot, ensuring most of the root system has access to essential moisture and nutrients.
  • Less Salt Build-Up: By using a quality fertiliser like Superthrive (Dyna-Gro) in combination with our potting mix, you can significantly reduce salt build-up in the soil. This lowers the risk of root tip burn and ensures the long-term health of your plants.
  • Improved Root Health: Some of the ingredients in our mix have been observed to reduce root-related diseases, enhancing the overall root health and vitality of your plants.

Our Aroid Mix is available in three grades:

Bio Leaf Premium Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix is available in three distinct grades, allowing you to choose the perfect mix for your specific plants and their root characteristics:

Fine grade:

  • The nugget sizes are approximately 3 mm to 6 mm in size.
  • It is suitable for plants with fine roots, seedlings or newly rooted plants.

Medium grade: 

  • The nugget sizes are approximately 3 mm to 9 mm in size.
  • This is a good general-purpose mix that can be used for most indoor plants.

Variegated mix - replaced coarse mix:

  • The nugget sizes are approximately 8 mm to 20 mm in size.
  • Retains less moisture. Excessive moisture in the root ball of some variegated plants can be a factor in causing root rot.
  • This is an open mix, allowing for good air movement in the pot. It is suitable for plants with thicker roots and roots.

Bio Leaf Premium Aroid and Hoya have the perfect blend of orchid bark, tree fern fibre, pumice, crushed hardwood charcoal, and a custom blend of 'bio-active' compounds that are known to encourage growth.

We also inoculate the mix with our custom blend of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. The microbes used in our mix have been shown to improve root growth and health and aid nutrient uptake. In turn, this will promote healthier foliage and general growth and reduce transplant shock.

Bio Leaf Aroid and Hoya Potting Mix


When to water your plant?

We have found that watering once every two to three days in summer and once four to five days in winter works for most plants. This can vary depending on:

  • Rate of transpiration, i.e. how much water your plants lose through the leaves (photosynthesis). Plants with a big leaf canopy will consume more water than plants with a few leaves.
  • Relative humidity and temperature. The less humidity and colder temperatures will affect how much water evaporates from the surface of the potting mix. If you live in a colder part of New Zealand, your potting mix will take longer to dry out than in the warmer areas.

A good rule of thumb is to let the top 3cm of the potting mixture dry out before watering.

Tips For Reducing Transplant Shock

Before you repot your plant, soak it in a solution of fertiliser and seaweed. Seaweed contains plant growth hormones and other biological compounds that stimulate plants to grow and help overcome stress. It is good practice to use seaweed weekly for the next six weeks. Doing this will helps your plants overcome the effects of repotting and get them settled and growing in their new home.

A monthly seaweed feed gently stimulates growth and helps all plants grow better.

... after one month, the growth difference of the plants was significant.

I want to show you my two Frydek. Both were growing sphagnum moss and were the same size. I transplanted one into your Premium Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix, and after one month, the growth difference of the plants was significant.

  • Patrick


This potting mix is suitable for all species of ...

  • Alocasia (Elephant Ears or Taro)
  • Aglaonemas (Chinese Evergreens)
  • Anthuriums
  • Caladium (Heart of Jesus)
  • Colocasia
  • Devil's Ivy (Pothos, Epipremnum, Scindapsus)
  • Dieffenbachia (Dumb Canes)
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Hoya
  • Monstera (Cheese Plants, Monstera adansonii, Monkey-Mask Plant)
  • Peace Lilies
  • Philodendrons
  • Rhaphidophora (Monstera minima, Philodendron minima)
  • Syngonium - Arrow Heads
  • Xanthosoma


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