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Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom 10-3-14

Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom

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$22.00 NZD incl GST
or 6 weekly payments of $3.67 NZD incl GST


Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom 10-3-14 is a 2-part professional formulation that can be used to support flower initiation and development. Orchid Bloom contains 15 essential nutrients in the right proportions to support vibrant flower development orchid growth and health.

Orchid Bloom contains 16 essential nutrients in the right proportions.

Begin using Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom when your plants start showing signs of flower development and continue using until the flowering phase has been completed. After flowering, you can continue to use Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom all year round or switch to Bio Leaf Orchid Grow to boost new growth and leaf development.

Many orchid growers prefer to use one fertiliser all year round and Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom has a good balance of nutrients to support both new growth and flower production.