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Premium Aroid and Hoya Potting Mix

Our Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix can be used to grow most Aroid, Hoya and epiphytic type plants. The unique blend of orchid bark, tree fern fibre, washed pumice, crushed hardwood charcoal and earthworm castings creates a potting mix that encourages exceptional root growth and plant development. 

Bio Leaf Premium Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix


Below are some of the properties of our Aroid Potting Mix.

  • Good Drainage/Aeration: The ingredients used create a non-clumping substrate and allow for the free movement of air and moisture throughout the root zone, which will help prevent root rot. This will also encourage more and thicker roots to develop. 
  • Moisture: The mix will hold sufficient water without becoming waterlogged. The water will be held in reserve so to speak and released to plants as they need it. The gradual release of water improves plant growth.
  • Moisture Distribution: The moisture will be fairly evenly distributed throughout the pot. This means that most of the root system will have access to moisture and nutrients. In turn, healthy roots will assist with developing stems, foliage, and flowers/fruit.
  • Slow Release of Nutrients: The improved cation exchange capacity will hold onto some of the nutrients in your fertiliser and gradually release them to the roots.
  • Promotes Microbial Populations: Creates an optimal environment for the development of beneficial microbe populations.
  • Growth Stimulants: Contains natural plant growth stimulates.
  • Less Salt Build Up: Using a quality fertiliser like Dyna Gro will result in hardly any salt build-up in the mix. This contributes to creating a healthy root mass.
  • Improve Root Health: Some of the ingredients used to create this mix have been observed to reduce root related disease.

Bio Leaf Premium Aroid Mix


When to water your plant.

As the Aroid Potting Mix dries the tree fern fibre will change colour, moving from a dark chocolate brown to a fluffy light brown colour. Wait until the top 1 cm of the fibre in the potting mix is a light brown colour,  then water your plants.

Another tip is to insert a pencil into your potting mix. Place it halfway between the centre of the pot and the edge of the pot and insert it halfway down into the mix. If the tip is darkish in colour then there is probably enough moisture in the mix to last a few more days.

The best advice is if you are not sure, then don't water. 

Bio Leaf Premium Aroid Mix