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Rand's Aircone Pots

As all seasoned growers know, great roots make for great plants! Rand's Aircone Pots® are engineered to provide plants with vastly improved drainage and increased air circulation in comparison to traditional pots. These pots are the perfect choice for growers of Epiphytes such as Orchids & Bromeliads, as well as any plant which would benefit from their superior drainage and aeration.


Ray Rands Aircone Pots, Bio Leaf, Auckland, New Zealand

Advanced Design

Designed & developed by a grower, for Growers, each Rand's Aircone Pot® is engineered with numerous design advancements:

  1. Central "Air Cone" ensures air can access the core of potting medium.
  2. Large Sidewall Slots allow water out and air to enter.
  3. Sloped Bottom encourages water to flow away from pot center and toward drainage slots.
  4. Translucent Walls allow light to enter (great for plants with photosynthetic roots) and also allow easy observance of moisture levels.


Aircone Pots

Durable & Versatile

Rand's Aircone Pots will provide years of reliable service. Injection molded from sunlight resistant translucent Polypropylene, they are virtually unaffected by any exposure to chemicals (fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, etc).

Rand's Aircone Pots are available in the following array of widths:

  • 2", 2 1/2", 3" - Great for seedlings and miniatures.
  • 4" - Works great for intermediate plant sizes.
  • 5, 6" - Best sizes for use with many mature plants.

All pot sizes use a "deeper than wide" profile.


Orchid in aircone pot

Features and Benefits

  • Virtually Eliminates "overwatering" problems and ensures fresh air penetration to the root zone.
  • "Inverted bottom" design diverts excess water to the sides and out the bottom.
  • Air and water are exchanged, even when on a solid flat surface.
  • Deeper than wide pots allow for extra growing medium.
  • Greatly extended useful life of potting medium due to the enhanced drainage and airflow.
  • Extended growing medium life = less frequent repotting & plant disturbances, and less stale medium toxicity build-up!
  • Modern square profile maximizes usable bench space.
  • Faster & healthier roots result from light penetration.

Grower Comments

"Aircone pots have made a big difference in growing orchids for us. This is particularly true for terrestrial orchids such as Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium. The pots hold water well while providing air to the core of the pot which helps prevent root rot. They are also built with quality; the pots are sturdy and can be re-used many times over. Highly recommended!" J. Fischer ~ Orchids Ltd.

"I just repotted close to 30 orchids... I used nothing but Rand's Aircone Pots. Easy to use and healthy for the plant. They take very little space since they are square and fit close together.  I have used these pots for several years now and I have you to thank for. The deep dimple allows great aeration throughout the root system. The clear plastic gives me an easy access to the roots and the medium.  I do believe that my plants have grown more vigorously and with less root damage and decay since I started using Rand's Aircone Pots. What can I say except that I am hooked on them." A. Chepjian ~ Orchid Grower

"These are such great pots! One of the biggest hurdles in cultivating Orchids is determining when they need to be watered. Your Aircone Pots take the guesswork out of growing; a quick glance is all that is needed to see whether there's still moisture inside the pot!" D. Norton ~ Mountain Orchids

"Rands Aircone pots are sturdy, hard to tip over, and long lasting. Epiphytes benefit from the additional light and air from the cone in the center. Once my customers try them, they usually order more! We've sold them for years, hope they keep making them!" N. Roberts ~ Roberts Flower Supply

"Air flow to the root system is the most important aspect of successful orchid growing, and many growers lose their plants by suffocating the roots in a stifling pot environment.  Aircone pots, with their unique design, virtually eliminate that as a concern by significantly enhancing the "breathability" of the potting medium.  In my 40+ years of orchid growing, I have experimented with many ways to improve my growing, and Aircone pots have truly helped a great deal." Ray Barkalow ~ First Rays, LLC

"Rand’s Aircone Pots are the pot I always recommend when asked what our best orchid pot is. They are much stronger than other varieties, and extremely sturdy so they don’t tip over. When potting media sits in water it will quickly deteriorate, damaging the roots and health of your orchid. The unique tapered bottom and large slots of aircone pots provide maximum drainage, allowing the water to easily exit down away from your media. I use these for my orchids, and recommend them for all serious orchid growers. They are the best pot on the market!" D. Yerdon ~ Kelley’s Korner Orchid Supplies