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GroVentive Garden Two Way Systemic Insecticide - 200ml

GroVentive Garden Two Way Systemic Insecticide can be used for the control of sucking and chewing insects on ornamentals, hedges, roses, pot plants and flowers.

new generation two way systemic insecticide, safe to bees and most beneficial insects.

Groventive garden Two Way Insecticide - Bio Leaf


GroVentive Garden Insecticide - Active Ingredient

Contains 15g/litre spirotetramat in the form of a suspension concentrate

General Information

GroVentive Garden provides excellent control of sucking insects such as:

  • Aphids.
  • Whitefly.
  • Mites.
  • Thrips.
  • Difficult to control scale.
  • Mealybugs.
  • Psyllids.
  • Spittlebugs.
  • Leafhoppers.

GroVentive Garden is approved in New Zealand for use on roses, pot plants, hedging, flower species and ornamentals.

Groventive Garden is not registered for use on crops grown for human or animal consumption.

Gardeners have traditionally used mineral oil sprays for the difficult scale, mealybug, thrip and whitefly species.

Effective results from oil sprays require excellent total coverage including stems. Whilst the easier to kill species of sucking insects are adequately controlled, the more difficult ones survive.

Gardeners requiring superior control of these difficult insect pests will welcome the new GroVentive Garden two way systemic insecticide.

Directions for using GroVentive Garden Insecticide

Pour the measured quantity of GroVentive Garden into a sprayer filled with half of the required water and mix well. Enspray 99 Spraying Oil at 0.5 ml/litre can be added to improve efficacy.

Fill the sprayer with the required amount of water to final volume. Refer to directions for use table on label for dilution rates.

Groventive Garden Dosage Guidelines

When using an insecticide sprayer, be careful to direct the insecticide spray on to the target plants and not to spray non target areas.

PS: GroVentive Garden is systemic insecticide and does not kill pests on contact. It takes time and will require more than one application to completely eradicative pests.

GroVentive Garden Insecticide two way systemic action

GroVentive Garden is a two-way systemic insecticide that is safe for bees and most beneficial insects. It is mobile in both the phloem and xylem vessels. Because it is systemic, after application on a plant, it is absorbed and distributed throughout its tissues, reaching the plant's stem, leaves, roots and any fruit and flowers. This means that if an insect chews or suck fluid on any part of the plant, the insect will ingest the pesticide and die.

  • Xylem is the tissue that carries water and minerals from the roots to all other parts of the plant.
  • Phloem, is the living, permanent tissue that carries food and other organic nutrients from the leaves to all other parts of the plant.