FreeFlo Copper Fungicide

FreeFlo Copper Fungicide is a broad spectrum copper spray that controls a wide range of fungal diseases in plants. Copper can be used to controls some bacterial diseases in plants. Some of the fungal and bacterial diseases controlled by FreeFlo Copper Fungicide are:

Black rot Leaf curl Stonefruit blast
Downey Mildew Buxux blight Verrucosis
Leaf spots Shot hole Brown rot
Fire blight Bacterial spot Melanose
European canker Rust Potato blight (early/Late)
Bacterial speck Anthracnose  

FreeFlo Copper Fungicide Active Ingredient

300g/kg copper as copper hydroxide in the form of a water dispersible granule.

FreeFlo Copper Fungicide Benefits

  • Superior efficacy, rain fastness and persistence due to fine particle size.
  • Superior bioavailability giving better protection from fungal and bacterial pathogens.
  • Reduced elemental copper application equals better environmental protection.
  • Quality formulation resulting in problem free handling, mixing and application.
  • Certified input for Organics.
  • Zero withholding period.

Directions for Using FreeFlo Copper Fungicide

  • Fill your sprayer to the required amount of water and add 20gms of Grosafe FreeFlo Copper.
  • Saturate all surfaces of your plants to the point where the solution starts to drip.

A Hot Tip

  • To keep your plants in good condition combine FreeFlo Copper Fungicide & EnSpray 99 Spraying Oil and apply once a month or as required.
  • Be sure to follow the mixing order, 1st FreeFlo Copper Fungicide and then add EnSpray 99 Spraying Oil