NEW PRODUCT: Bio Leaf Variegated Leaf Potting Soil

Plant Health

Plants that are grown well are in a better position ward off pest and disease infestations. So the first line of defense for pests and diseases is to ensure that you provide your plant with the right environment to grow and to feed it with a quality fertiliser. Additionally think about boosting your plant health with a regular dose of seaweed.

The next option is to apply products on regular basis, say every 3 or 4 weeks control and prevent infestations. I prefer to use products that are safe to use around people and pets. My two favourite products are Enspray 99 and FreeFlo Copper. EnSpray 99 is an oil that has both insecidal control properties and limited fungicidal control properties. Free Flo Copper controls a wide range of fungus infections. Using the two products together as spray will control the majority of your insect and fungus infestations