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Bio Leaf Success Stories

These are just a few success stories from people who use Bio Leaf Products.

If you have a success story share it with us by sending us an email. If you can please attach a picture.


Pptm. Kiwi Leopard

I have been using Bioleaf’s Orchid Bloom solutions for the past two years. Over this time I have been very pleased with the condition of my plants. 

I have had a few plants that have been very stubborn when it comes to flowering but I was delighted last year when they finally came to the party. 

Ada keiliana

Bulbophyllum lobbii - Dyna Gro Orchid Pro

... has resulted in strong, healthy growth and many more flowers

Prior to using Dyna-Gro, I had average results with my 250+ orchids and tried several different fertilizers. For the last few years, the only fertilizer I have been using is Dyna-Gro Orchid Pro, supplied by Bio, applied at the recommended dilution rates.

The use of this fertilizer, which is a professional formulation containing essential macronutrients and trace elements, has resulted in strong, healthy growth and many more flowers than previously, which won me some awards at the Shows.

The picture shows a Bulbophyllum lobbii orchid that I have owned for 11 years. In spite of my attempts to get it to flower, it never did, and I was tempted to throw it out! In January 2021, I was rewarded with its first flower and four more buds which will open shortly. I attribute this success to the Dyna-Gro Orchid-Pro fertilizer I have been using and I wholeheartedly recommend this product to all growers.

— JE based in Tauranga

Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' new growths

... I’ll not be using anything else now but Dyna Gro.

I have been collecting Hoyas for about 15 months, and because of the cost of some, I only buy small plants or cuttings. I bought a Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' cutting about a year ago, it came with just 2 leaves and was rooted. I popped it into a small pot, and put it with all the others in my greenhouse, and there it sat!! For a year with absolutely no extra growth. 

It was then recommended to use Dyna Gro by a friend, so I bought the small bottle to start with and started watering all my Hoyas and houseplants and the difference is astounding! My Krinkle 8 has now got more leaves and has another 3 growth points to look forward to.

I’m now on my second, and larger bottle and I’ll not be using anything else now but Dyna Gro. 

— CC based in Nelson

Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' new growth with Dyna Gro

Bonsai Tree growing well with Dyna Gro Bonsai Pro, Bio Leaf, Auckland New Zealand

... my bonzai trees grow healthy and foliage looks amazing.

Well my story is just simple!

Using your Dyna-Gro products, my Bonzai Trees grow healthy and foliage looks amazing.

I will keep using products always.

— KT based in Auckland

Ficus Lyrata flourishing with Dyna Gro Foliage Pro

... most notably it’s saved my Ficus Lyrata.

Dyna Gro Foliage Pro has made a big difference to my houseplants, they’re all happier, lush & thriving, but most notably it’s saved my Ficus Lyrata. 

I bought this (yes, paid money!) forlorn specimen in September, a Wishlist plant that I couldn’t find anywhere. It had been forgotten for 4 months in the customer hold area of my local garden centre. The centre had tried to revive it and in their words had “nearly killed it with neglect, then nearly killed it with kindness”. 

I was told to hold on tight to my receipt. The oedema was obvious & the top withered within a week, I didn’t hold much hope of it making a recovery. 

After a repot, a lot of TLC & regular feeding with Dyna Gro Foliage Pro, she’s come right, producing 2 new branches with another 2 on the way. I’ve even managed to propagate the withered top stem & node!  Without Foliage Pro, I don’t think I’d have a plant, let alone 2 thriving beauties.

— EJ based in Mosgiel

Hoya Krimson Queen cuttin- new leaf growth

... it’s put out 3 new beautiful leaves each one larger than the previous

Recently I potted a Hoya Krimson Queen cutting into your Premium Aroid and Hoya Potting Mix. Within a week she was pushing out new growth with a beautiful pink-tinged leaf.

I also recently bought an Alocasia Frydek pup and potted it into the same potting mix. I’ve been feeding it with Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 and in the last couple of months, it’s put out 3 new beautiful leaves each one larger than the previous.

I’ve also been using Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 fertiliser on all my plants and since they’re flourishing and growing beautifully.

— AB based in Mount Maunganui

Alocasia Frydek , new leaves

Variegated Monstera growing in Bio Leaf Aroid Potting Mix

... my Aroids are growing like crazy, like seriously this soil is the beast!!!!

I’m a big fan of using Bio Leaf Premium Aroid and Hoya Potting Mix,

Since I have been using this potting mix, my Aroids are growing like crazy, like seriously this soil is the beast!!!!

Happy Plants Happy Me!!!

— WE based in Auckland

Cynbidium Cricket flowered by Graham Ellerm, Christchurch

and have flowered many orchids that I have had trouble flowering.

Since discovering Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom, I use no other fertilizer and have flowered many orchids that I have had trouble flowering.

this little Cymbidium Cricket is a division I was given early last year and it started flowering with four spikes before Christmas and is still flowering!

Highly Recommended 

— GE based in Christchurch

Growing big leaves with Dyna Gro Foliage Pro

... growing the biggest leaves I've ever seen on them

Since I started using Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 which I bought from Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients, I have been astounded that all of my plants have been growing the biggest leaves I've ever seen on them!

— JS based in Wellington

Proudly grown with Dyna Gro

I find my bulbs grow up bigger and stronger, my flowers last longer

We just love Dyna Gro products!

With freezing winters and hot dry summers, gardening in central Otago can be a difficult hobby but since Bio Leaf introduced me to Dyna-Gro I have been having wonderful success.

The Pro-TeKt stops my plants from wilting in the summer and dying off in the winter. Used with Grow 7-9-5, I find my bulbs grow up bigger and stronger, my flowers last longer and my more fussy natives love it too. 

The KLN rooting hormone is fantastic, with roots forming on more difficult plants, like Manuka quickly and propagating fuschias and brugmansia's very quickly with huge growth. I find its useful with transplanting/repotting plants too with more sensitive plants being much more positively responsive.

I also enjoyed the amount of information and access to knowledge you receive from Bio Leaf regarding their products and that definitely helped with my success!

— BC based in Arrowtown

Proudly grown plants - Dyna Gro

Miltoniopsis orchid flowers, Bio Leaf, Auckland, New Zealand

... shows healthy green tips and double spike on a young plant

Dear Greg,

I've been using your Dyna-Gro Orchid Pro 7-8-6 and Dyna-Gro Bloom 3-12-6 products alternatively and in combination with the Aircone pots I bought from you.

I've been very impressed with the progress my plants have made. Seeing the roots work their way into the pots is a definite bonus and shows the happy and healthy root system clearly. As a windowsill grower I can highly recommend the Dyna-Gro range for orchids and other ornamental plants.

One clearly shows the root system less than 6 months after repotting and the other shows healthy green tips and double spike on a young plant, both are Miltoniopsis. Some pink tinged leaves as I'm working on where the best light is in my new home and they're obviously getting a bit much right now.

— BB based in Invercargill

Miltoniopsis Pink Cadillac ‘Toddy’ OCNZ /AM

Leaf growth and root development could only be described as positive

As an Orchid Grower we spend many years trying for perfection with our plants. Like most growers I have fiddled with substrates but most of all I have tried many different fertilizers until three years ago I was introduced to the Dyna Grow Range by Bio Leaf Nutrients Ltd.

On the advice of Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients I started to use Dyna-Gro GROW 7-9-5 I controlled the amount to be delivered and the results were almost immediate. Leaf growth and plant root development could only be described as positive. This then supported awardable flower outcome as per the photo.

Going forward I intend to continue to use Dyna-Gro GROW 7-9-5 as my fertilizer of choice and I have no hesitation in endorsing the product supplied by Bio Leaf Nutrients Ltd.

— AW based in New Plymouth

Aroids, house plants, Bio Leaf, Auckland, New Zealand

feeding these plants properly crucial to maximise growth

Hi Greg,

I’ve been growing rare aroids for a couple of years now and have now built up quite a large & diverse collection.

I’ve realised over time that feeding these plants properly crucial to maximise growth so undertook a lot of research online to see which options were best suited.

I settled on Dyna-Gro GROW 7-9-5 and purchased directly from Bio Leaf around two months ago. This was super easy and it arrived within a couple of days.

I apply Dyna-Gro with my weekly watering which makes things simple, rather than having to diarise when to fertilise each month.

Since starting to use this product plant growth and general health has been excellent. One carton lasts for a long time and I’m now using it on all of my houseplants, and there are a few.

I will also be looking to purchase some “Foilage Pro” as this also looks like a great alternative to “Grow”

Appreciate you bringing these excellent products to us

— VT

Watermelon Peperomia, Bio Leaf, Auckland, New Zealand

I am welcoming heaps of new growth

Growth on my Watermelon Pep in clay balls had all but stopped until I started feeding with Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6. A few months on and I am welcoming heaps of new growth and the older leaves are getting massive. Great result!

— KC based in Auckland

Before and after using dyna gro Foliage Pro

We only use Bio Leaf products on all our precious plants

Hi Greg,

I'd like to write my testimony to inform fellow plant lovers that through a common friend we came across Greg and the Bio Leaf Products,  Greg was very informative as to how the aroid mix was made. Since we changed our common soil and nutrients to bio leaf products we have noticed our plants are looking much stronger since using aroid soil mix for every watering we use the Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6. To boost our plant we also apply BioPlus Seaweed once a month.

We only use Bio Leaf products on all our precious plants.

— DB based in Auckland

I will never bother buying another fertiliser again

I highly recommend Dyna Gro products!

I will never bother buying another fertiliser again. The results I have seen in my plants have been undeniable!

Plants in my collection which have been dormant or barely growing are growing amazingly now.

One example of this is my Trebi, I grew her from a cutting, the leaf size she is producing now in a matter of a few months since giving her Dyna Gro are spectacular.

Dyna Gro is very cost effective too. 

— SM based in Huntly

Leafy trees have a much richer colour, especially the kowhai and tridents.

Hi Greg,

I've been meaning to email you with the results of using the container of Dyna GROW 7-9-5 I purchased from you at our Bonsai Show the end of October 1020. I haven't quite finished that container BUT, I have fed all my trees once a week starting the weekend after the show. After the second application, I thought I was seeing some changes in a lot of the trees and was cautiously optimistic.

Now, I can say with certainty several of my species of deciduous and leafy trees have a much richer colour, especially the kowhai and tridents. All of the species have shown greater growth than usual, the first growth was actually rampant- really too much and quite long internodes.

Now that the second growth from the constant growers is nearing completion, I can say this growth is better behaved. Making me wonder if the trees are settling down with the regular applications. In the past, I have to admit to always being guilty of a very lax feeding schedule.

And I think I can say they are stronger. The new growth tolerating a lot of scorching days that always used to badly burn the acers especially. I have always had to cover everything with fairly strong shade cloth all summer, but only have minimal shade cloth in use this year. I am delighted!

Now if you could include something in the formula that would kill or repel all the leaf rollers and wasps that plague me year round with the warmer winters I would be thrilled!

Best Regards,

21 Jan, 2021

— MG based in Hamilton

Foliage Pro has it all in 1 bottle!

Hi Lyn and Greg,

I've ordered this for my mum to try to convert her to using Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 (currently, she's not a regular user of fertiliser). 

I started feeding her christmas cactus with it every time I watered it and she was shocked at how fast it has started growing. The christmas cactus has grown more in 2 months than it did in a year when she was giving it plain water Now the plant is huge.
I seriously love this product and have bored her to death on the specifics of it having an ideal NPK ratio (as backed up by numerous specialists), an optimal Ca:Mg ratio and the fact that Dyna Gro are one of the only companies who include the percentage listing for nearly every element in their products. 
Foliage Pro even works fantastically in coco coir. Some internet "experts" say Foliage Pro doesn't contain enough Ca or Mg which will upset the cation exchange capacity of coco coir creating nutrient lockouts and then deficiencies. Well, I can say from personal experience that Foliage Pro works exceptionally well in coco coir (provided it is buffered). 
No need to buy the snake oil that some other businesses in NZ are trying to sell, Foliage Pro has it all in 1 bottle!
Thanks so much for selling this wonderful product.

— DT based in Christchurch

Your level of communication and the information provided so far has been fantastic...

Hi Greg, thank you very much for this additional information, it is really helpful, I was struggling to work mixing rates for smaller quantities as the bottle only has rates for 10 litres and generally I would only need to make up a litre at a time.

Your level of communication and the information provided so far has been fantastic, it's all well and good for a company to have a great product but if you have poor customer after sales service it can all be for nothing so keep up the great work.

I will see how your product performs in my bonsai tree collection and if I see positive results I will recommend your product to the rest of my club members that I belong to here In Christchurch

— KDJ based in Christchurch

Thank you so much for your kind support ...

Dear Greg and Lyn,

Received your beautiful Email this morning, your home looks amazing, I hope your Christmas is a special day.  The New Year, 2021 I pray is a successful one for you. Thank you so much for your kind support both with my orders and the information you have given. I appreciate you both very much.

— KC based in Belmont, NSW, Australia

I do not remember ever having had such fabulous customer service ...

Hi Greg,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful customer service!

I have placed many online orders over the years and I do not remember ever having had such fabulous customer service. I feel that your business actually cares about our plants and that it doesn’t stop once we have made our purchases.

The articles are a great resource and I for one have found them very helpful.  I have many aroid houseplants so this medium will be very beneficial mixed with some potting soil.

Thank you once again.

— MR based in Wellington

Cattleya Orchid Roots, Bio Leaf, Auckland, New Zealand

They are growing very well, very strong and healthy roots ...

Greg - thanks for you always providing helpful and useful information to me, I have been using your product of Bio Leaf Orchid Grow and Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom for more than one year, months ago I purchased KLN concentrated to combine to use for my orchids, I think they love it very much. They are growing very well, very strong and healthy roots. Appreciated you introduced good products to us. 

Thanks for your help.

— EJ based in Auckland