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Dyna Gro BLOOM 3-12-6

Dyna Gro BLOOM 3-12-6 is a low nitrogen, high phosphorus plant nutrient formula containing all 6 essential macronutrients and all 10 essential micronutrients. BLOOM is specifically formulated to be used during the flowering stage of a plants life cycle.  For best results begin using BLOOM before your plants decide to shift into the flowering phase.


Dyna-Gro Bloom 3-12-6, Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients, New Zealand

  • Supplies a balance of high nitrate to ammoniacal nitrogen ratio needed to avoid stem elongation in flowering plants and vegetables.
  • Specifically formulated to encourage the development of large fruit and vegetables, while providing complete plant nutrition.
  • It is ideal for tomatoes, all fruits, all vegetables, herbs and flowering plants.
  • Apply BLOOM before flower buds appear to help initiate and sustain flowering.
  • Contains sufficient levels of calcium, there no need to supplement with calcium.
  • Contains special pH buffers to help maintain a desirable pH.
  • When applied, the nutrients in BLOOM are immediately available, giving your plants the ability to access the nutrients they need in critical times.

Recommended Crops: All blooming and flowering plants like alpinia, begonias, gerbera daisies, gardenias, geraniums, orchids, african violets and roses.


Application Rates for Dyna Gro BLOOM 3-12-6:

  • Maintenance: Mix at a dilution rate of 1 : 3 000 (3.3 ml BLOOM to 10 litres of water) to 1 : 1 500 (6.7 ml BLOOM to 10 litres of water) with every watering.
  • Production: Mix at a dilution rate of 1 : 750 (13.3 ml BLOOM to 10 litres of water), once a week.
  • Monthly Feeding: Use at a dilution rate of 1:250 to 1:500 (20 ml to 40 ml BLOOM to 10 litres of water).
  • Hydroponics: Mix 5 ml – 10 ml BLOOM to 4 litres of water recirculating systems or 5ml per 4 litres of water for non-recirculating systems.
  • Siphon Mixer: Mix at a dilution rate of 1 : 15 (333 ml BLOOM to 5 litres of water) for a concentrated feed solution.
  • Irrigation Injector: Mix at a dilution rate of 1 : 100 (100 ml BLOOM to 10 litres of water) to make up an injectable concentrate.
  • Foliar Application: Miix at a dilution rate of 1 : 3 000 (3.3 ml BLOOM to 10 litres of water) and spray directly of leaves.

Dyna-Grow BLOOM Nutrient Analysis








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