NEW PRODUCT: Bio Leaf Variegated Leaf Potting Soil

Bio Boosters

This a group of products that I have called Bio Boosters because they known to assist plant growth and health. Plants have many biochemical processes and bio-boosters assist theses biochemical processes to work at an optimal level.

siliconAn example of this is I include a small amount of silicon in my nutrient solution every time I feed my plants. Silicon has been shown to improve a plants resistance to pest and disease resistance, plus a few other benefits. Silicon is common in most soils and is typically missing from the potting mixtures we use.

Some products are used to promote or initiate certain responses, i.e. using a hormonal rooting product to assist with or stimulate root production.

Exclamation MarkA word of caution though. When you are using these types of products be particular about following the manufacturer's recommendations. Apply too much too frequently can be detrimental to your plants well being.