Dyna-Gro Hydroponic Nutrients User Guidelines

Dyna Gro Hydroponic Nutrients, Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients, New ZealandThis is a brief introductory guide to hydroponic nutrients using Dyna-Gro Nutrients Solutions. For more than 34 years Dyna-Gro nutrients have excelled in the hydroponics industry as the sole source of complete nutrition for the fast hydroponic production of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Dyna-Gro nutrients were developed from research in the science of hydroponics where plants must be supplied with all of their essential nutrients in solution. The difference between growing hydroponically and growing in soil is time. In time, even the best soil will become depleted as the plant takes up available nutrients. 

While adding incomplete fertilisers may keep your plants alive, only a balanced source of all essential nutrients will produce optimum plant growth and health. The Dyna-Gro nutrients recommended in hydroponic programme supply all of the nutrients required for plant growth and health.

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An Easy to Implement Hydroponic Grow Programme.

If you start your plants by rooting cuttings this is an easy to implement the programme. Start with K-L-N Concentrate and Pro-TeKt on your cuttings and young plants. Use Liquid GROW and Pro-TeKt straight through veg and flowering. You can improve your results by supplementing with Mag-Pro from week two through one week before harvest. In the final week, flush with water only to help pull out any unused nutrients from your plants. 


Best Results Hydroponic Programme. 

Start with K-L-N Concentrate' and Pro-TeKt on your cuttings and young plants. Use Foliage-Pro and Pro-TeKt during your vegetative stage. When transitioning to flowering stage, use Liquid BLOOM and Pro-TeKt. Supplement with Mag-Pro from week two of veg. through one week before harvest. In the final week, flush your plants with water only to help pull out any unused nutrients from your plants. 


Shorter or Longer Vegetative Growth Stages.

Any shorter or longer than a 4-week veg., add or eliminate the product recommendations on week 4 of the chart. 


Shorter Flowering Stage.

Flowering stage shorter than 8 weeks, eliminate all recommendations on week 2 of flowering in the chart. 



Foliage-Pro is high in nitrogen and will increase the size of your plant and cut grow time. 18 hours of light weeks 1-4 for vegetative stage. 12 hours of light weeks 5-12 for the flowering stage. 


Do Not Mix Concentrates.

Always add Pro-TeKt to reservoir first and dilute with water before adding Liquid GROW, Foliage-Pro or Liquid BLOOM. Never mix Pro-TeKt and nutrient concentrates together, they must be diluted first. 


Calcium and Magnesium.

Liquid GROW, Foliage-Pro and Liquid BLOOM are complete nutrients containing all 16 macro and micro nutrients your plants need to thrive. Each has sufficient levels of calcium and magnesium. You do not need a Cal-Mag supplement when using Dyna-Gro nutrients. Supplement with Mag-Pro to increase magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur levels. Mag-Pro will increase the aromatic compounds and enhance the flavour and aroma of your fruit, vegetables or the brilliance of your flowers.


Nutrient Flushing.

Dyna-Gro complete nutrient formulas require little to no flushing. If needed, use only water for the final week to flush.



pH should be maintained between 6.0 to 6.5 in hydroponics systems and 6.2 to 6.8 in the soil. Adjust pH with pH-Up or pH-Down. pH can also be raised by adding more Pro-TeKt®. Make adjustments using 2 ml/gal at a time and retest. 


ppm (parts per million).

Should be kept below 1,800 ppm. Tap water will add approximately 50-500 ppm to your total ppm count. Test the water in your area for best results.


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