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We have introduced two new products Bio Plus Orchid Bloom 10-3-14 and Bio Leaf Orchid Grow 12-2-8.

Bio Leaf nutrients for orchids

Both fertilizers have been scientifically developed and formulated for orchids in New Zealand by New Zealanders. With over 30 years of development and refinement, they supply orchids with all the nutrients, 15 in total, in the correct ratios to support root and leaf growth and vibrant flower development.

Both fertilisers have been used by award-winning orchid growers in New Zealand for many years.

Many users report that after changing to Bio Plus Orchid Fertiliser there orchids grow better and produce better quality or more flowers.

Another feature of both Bio Plus Orchid Bloom and Bio Leaf Orchid Grow is the ability to stabilise the pH of the orchid potting mix. Buffering the pH is extremely important as huge fluctuations in pH will cause some nutrients to be in short supply or cause them to be unavailable for absorption by the roots.

Bio Leaf Plus Fertiliser consists of two stock solutions, one bottle of A solution and one bottle of B solution. For most orchids mixing 1ml per litre of both A & B solution will be sufficient. Remember to first fill your container with water then and the fertiliser to the water.

We recommend that you feed your orchids at least once a week and not more than twice a week.

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We do ship our products to Australia. Please contact us for more information

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